N1MM Logger+

N1MM Logger+

It is a ham radio contest logging program for CW, phone and digital mode
N1MM Logger+ v1.0
08 May 2015
N1MM Logger+ v0.1
17 Jul 2014

What's new

v1.0 [4 Dec 2014]
- Bug fixed: if there are no at least one UDC file in the UserDefinedContests folder - red warning msg about band change limit pops up in EW (W1RM).
- Ignore log it button when in quick edit (N4ZR).
- Digital: Corrects not being able to click on a call with a Z in it or clicking on an exchange element of Z.
- Logger Audio: Improve AutoSend operation in phone modes.
- Logger Audio: When voicing callsigns, additions or changes made to the callsign will be played. The F5 function key message should be !. The user needs .wav files: a-z, 0-9, query.wav, point.wav, and stroke.wav stored in the Wav\LettersFiles\{OPERATOR} directory. Set Config, Other tab, DVK Letters File Path to: {OPERATOR}\.
- Logger Audio: Added "Send Corrected Call" and "Send Partial Call" functionality to phone modes. Corrected callsigns will be sent as a full or partial call depending on the user Config option. For this to function, the HisCall function key needs to contain ! and the program needs to be in Run mode.
- Logger Audio: When voicing callsigns, if the Entry window callsign exists as a callsign.wav or a leading character group fragment (two or more characters/numbers) in either the "Wav\{Operator}\" or "Wav\LettersFiles\{OPERATOR}" directories, play the recorded fragment or full callsign file instead of parsing the callsign into letters and numbers. If any unvoiced remaining characters exist, they will be voiced as individual letter wav files.
- Logger Audio: Improved the shutdown of the audio player when an error is generated (missing file, unavailable soundcard, etc.).
- Function Key Messages: Eliminated the truncation of wav messages that occurred when the text exceeded 1024 characters. This was possible when playing multiple wav files with long directory paths.
- Function Key Messages: When importing function key message text the string "Empty.Wav" is converted to a space. Change the import code to allow any form of mixed-case.
- CW String Substitution: Moved the test for excessive CW message length to the end of the string substitution routine and test for CW-R mode. Output a Entry window status message when the length is exceeded.

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